The ramblings of a hopelessly hopeful romantic.

Too Sweet

Sometimes I am so in love with the world

And everything seems so beautiful

And everything means so, so much

And my heart swells with joy

And I blush

As if life had just paid me

The most thoughtful compliment


Autumn Impression

Fall, to me

Makes everything seem

As though I am bustling leaves

Churning through

One serene daydream

Hole in your Heart

I don’t know exactly how, who, or when

Someone broke you

But if loving you could fix it

It’s a start

We’ll start over

Stitch you back together

I just want to be

The whole in your heart

Strangely Strangers

If I don’t know how to feel

How could I ever be sure of what to say?

If I’m not sure of who I am

How could I ever begin to share me with you?

If I see myself reflected in you

Do you see you staring back at you too?

Sea of People

I’m wary of these deep emotions

Being ripped away from me

In the tide of humanites hustle and bustle

I’d like to scream for help

But my voice gets lost in the crash of the waves

I wash up on the shore

Cold and bruised

Tired and confused

And people hurry past

Never meeting my eye

Much too busy to care

Tranquil Dawn

Waking up from a peaceful dream

Serenity floats around me

Like the hushed darkness of an ancient forest

Traces of a new day shimmer faintly across the room

Peering shyly through the blinds

The quiet dances around me

As my eyes adjust to the faint half light

Dust motes drift into gleaming strands of sunshine

Illuminating brilliantly in it’s pale golden rays

Like a million microscopic planets turning through space

I feel vast and insignificant all at once

The world beckons me on to join in the race

And go I must

But today my mind resides in this blissful stillness

Love, In Itself

Meet me on the edge of paradise
Just you, and your love in itself will suffice