The ramblings of a hopelessly hopeful romantic.



My heart feels like

A crystalline flower

In a fragile glass box

Spindly hinges

Barely holding

Cracking panels together

Spiderwebs of heartache

Surround battered petals

Of vitreous ice

Bruises bloom

Like gossamer strands

Rattling around ceaselessly

My brumous soul

Summer’s end

Shivering in the gloomy sunshine
Listening to love poems
In love with the way
The world slows down suddenly
When autumn comes
Rain and hope hang heavy in the air
Always proving endings
Can be just as beautiful
As beginnings


Dear old midnight

We meet again

Sleep eludes me

As it so often does

Hiding in forgotten shadows

Creeping around in dark corners

Familiar but strange

Like a melody from a song

You’d all but forgotten

A face you haven’t seen in years

A lonesome dusty book on a shelf

My mind wanders aimlessly

Desperate for rest

But the more it searches

The further away it gets

Like some cryptid ghost

The more you look right at it

The faster it disappears

A race where the finish line

Moves father away

The closer you get

Oh midnight

I’m glad at least we’re friends

Wake Up Brawl

Happiness and emptiness

Battle against each other

Roughing up my insides

Exchanging blows

While I wait anxiously to see

What kind of day this will be


Nights like these

I wander vacant streets

Feeling like less than a shadow

Like I might disappear with the dawn

Invisible amongst the street lights

Cool night air endless and empty

And I am all alone

The moon glows stark and eloquent

Stars twinkle like glowing embers

But I am silence and shade

Shooting star

I’m as aimless and listless

As a star

Falling from the sky

Nowhere to go

But everywhere

On the way down

Meteor shower

Stars falling from the sky

Getting tangled in the tree branches

Endless empty space

Reminds me it’s okay to feel small

The quiet of the night calls out to me

Like a long forgotten love song

My heart has just now remembered


It’s very possible

To be brave

But not fierce

To speak your truth

Even if your voice wavers


Doesn’t equate to cowardice

How much more vehemently

Does the timid mouse

Fight for its survival?


I scream silently

Into the virtual void

You are loved


Roar in a whisper

I’m glad we met

Even though we haven’t yet

What are the chances

To have stumbled in to each other

In a room that doesn’t exist


It’s three o’clock in the morning

The stars are burning too brightly

So is my heart

Fire and ice

And so far away